The Beach at Palmetto Dunes

Hilton Head Island is a joy for beach lovers, with its 12 miles of sandy coastline, perfect for sunbathing, jet skiing, swimming, snorkeling, boating, or just plain strolling at sundown. A drop-off and cabana with restrooms and shower is located only 50 feet from the beach and a few minutes from the house. Parking is near the same location. Bring all your stuff: coolers, umbrellas, tubes, rafts, boogie boards, frisbee, paddle ball, chairs, etc., to this convenient drop-off spot. The kids often bike the short ride to the beach just for fun.

The Private Beach in Palmetto Dunes always has plenty of room to find a good spot. There are many access trails to the beach, but for swimming, we are most comfortable with the areas around the cabana, which is guarded most of the season. Your can rent a chair or umbrella or bring your own. There are three-wheel low rider bikes for rent or you can bring your own for a great ride on the hard packed sand near the water. There's nothing like a stroll on the beach. Don't be surprised if you see dolphins while you're swimming, and there are many turtle nesting spots on Hilton Head Island. You can join the many people who enjoy a late evening flashlight walk as they wade along the water's edge.

The kids can play paddleball, have a catch in the water, or just ride the waves. You can rent a big-wheel paddle craft or a sail boat right on the beach. There's no need to drag the kids back home if someone needs to use the restroom; they're located right on the beach. The ocean front cabana has a large deck if you prefer to keep the sand out of your shoes. If you come for Renaissance Week between Christmas and New Year's, you may see President Clinton or Hillary walking on the beach. They stay just a short distance from the cabana in a large beachfront home.