For those of you who need the water to be 80 degrees just to begin to think about going into the water, you'll find Hilton Head's water both clean and warm. When we came down in the first week of April '98 our pool temperature was an unassisted 73 degrees. It doesn't take long for it to reach 80 degrees. The ocean and the pool stay warmer much longer than do the ocean and pools of some of our northern neighbors.

In October '98 I brought some friends down for golf, tennis, biking and the pool. The water was 84 degrees for our entire two-week stay. I never thought I would spend any time in the ocean, but with the warm temperatures and the long bike rides on the beach, we often finished our rides with a long soak in the ocean. After tennis, we enjoyed treating ourselves to a cool drink and lounging in the pool. I have stayed in the ocean for over two hours! I don't know what takes over when we come to Palmetto Dunes, but it certainly agrees with me. Let us know what you like best on your stay!

We have never had to "baby-sit" the kids. There always seems to be plenty for them to do at or near the house. It's not unusual for them to be in the pool at 10:00 at night.